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When Josh Jarrett, owner of Quantify Fitness, provided a chance to try out the gym and method for a month, I jumped on the opportunity. Like most of you, I’m a busy mom trying to juggle all my various responsibilities. Personally, my list includes a spirited and awesome four year old, a household (did I mention we’re preparing to sell our house?), two quirky dogs, a marriage to one bearded and wonderful man, and a full time job. Often, my only time to work out is during lunch. And let me be honest. It’s not easy for me to give up that one hour of “me time” a day. My brain doesn’t get a chance to complete a thought without interruption most other hours of the day. You get that, right?

Josh Jarrett, Owner and Certified Trainer

They are located in East Nashville in the Fatherland District. Parking is a breeze, and they have a corner full of toys. That’s right — your kids get to play while you do your 10 minute session! Yes, you read that correctly. Your kids are welcome to tag along. 

Play area for the little ones!

Quantify Fitness promises results with just 10 minutes per week. This isn’t a gimmick or “quick weight loss” pill. It’s science, and it WORKS. The machines I used during the workouts are called ARX machines. This stands for Adaptive Resistance Exercise. explains it better than I ever could. “ARX is strength training and body development, but instead of using weights as our means of resistance, we use finely-tuned motors. Their use allows our technology to provide what we call ‘adaptive resistance.’ That is, resistance applied to the user only in response to their own effort. Physical effort against resistance is the first step or “active ingredient” in all exercise. Its downstream effects give us all of the health benefits we know and love from training. ARX provides safe, controlled, immediate, infinite, and quantifiable resistance of a higher quality than is currently possible with the out-dated, gravity-based systems found in gyms worldwide.”

One example of the ARX Machines

Each week, in just ten minutes, I completed three different exercises and felt like I might die. But seriously. Josh told me not to write about how much I hated him after those first two sessions. (Sorry, Josh…it just slipped out!) But you know what? IT WAS WORTH IT! After just four workouts, I’m down almost a whole pants size. AND I went down two notches on my bra band. For the first time in four years, I’m about to need a new bra size. FROM FORTY MINUTES OF EXERCISE TOTAL. Recovery is key. That means healthy foods, lots of water, and (of course) that elusive sleep thing we parents vaguely remember. 

I appreciated all the helpful information displayed on the walls.

Check out the track record below of my workouts week after week. I worked out in the evening the first three weeks. Then, on the fourth week, I worked out in the morning—after five days of travel. With the leg press, from the start of week one I finished the month up 33.8% max, 33.6% intensity, and 28.7% output! That’s insane progress in just four weeks. 

In the chest press, I saw similar results. My max was up 34.9%, my intensity 32.7%, and my output up 33.6% from week one! It’s so fun to see your previous weeks’ chart (in the gray), and try to beat it with the blue line (your activity) each week. Let me tell you what — when I missed that third rep? I think Josh heard a few words I wouldn’t normally yell out in public. Oops. What can I say? I’m competitive! 

When it came to the third exercise, I did a rowing exercise the first two weeks (with great improvement in one week). Then for the last two weeks, I did a pull down routine. In just one week, I was up almost 10% max, 19.2% intensity, and 19.1% in my overall output. How amazing is that?! From just TWO MINUTES of that workout the week before. 

Quantify Fitness also offers other services. These include personal training, infrared sauna, and neurofeedback brain training. The sauna was described to me in this way, “Sunlighten™ Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna, the only infrared technology backed by clinical data shown to reduce blood pressure, increase core temperature and aid in weight loss.” Incredible. I keep hearing my natural and health community talk about the benefits of saunas, so when I walked into this gym and heard they offer this, it confirmed for me that smart and effective techniques for health and wellness is the number one priority.  I encourage you to read about the brain training here , but to sum it up, NeuroOptimal is a system to allow you to reach your peak of happiness and train your brain to reduce stressful thoughts, improve your sleep patterns, and enhance your ability to focus.

Josh is giving other moms (and dads!) the chance to sign up for Quantify Fitness for 10% off through the end of may with the code “nashvillemoms”.  I’ve signed up to keep going because I can’t deny how well this is working, without my full schedule even feeling the hit of my workout time. See you there! 

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