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Read Across America — Ways to Celebrate

Read Across America was created as a way to motivate kids to get their nose in a book and read. The annual event is held on March 2—the birthday of one of America’s most cherished children’s authors, Dr. Seuss. Now in its 20th year of existence, the message gets stronger each year.

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Studies have found that children who spend time reading do better in school.

You don’t have to be an elementary teacher to motivate your child to read. All you need is a handful of books, a comfy spot to cuddle up, and a child (or children) in your lap. In honor of Dr. Seuss, I recommend picking up a few of his books. My kiddos (ages five, four and two) love the fun, colorful illustrations and whimsical, silly rhymes. Our favorite one? Green Eggs and Ham

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The thing I loved most growing up? My mom took the time to read to us.

My mother read to my brother and me from as early as I can remember. We went through series of books and plenty of stand-alone books. Some books left a greater imprint in my memory than others. I knew she enjoyed it, which made it even better. She spent years and years reading aloud to us, and I have no doubt that that one single activity (albeit many, many hours put into that single activity) developed a love for the written word within me. Who knows? Maybe all those hours of being read to caused me to pursue a career in writing. 

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Celebrate Read Across America on March 2. It’s a great way to start off this new parenting goal in your home!

Regardless of your feelings about books and reading, for the sake of your children, make the time to read to them. There are so many wonderful books available. I encourage you to find the ones that speak most to your family.

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Reading to your kids offers profound lessons, and it’s a simple way to connect and help them grow and learn. If you want to celebrate Read Across America in your own home, check out some of these great resources:

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