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S.O.S. (Save Our Sanity!) – Printable Treasure Hunt!

It’s raining…or too cold…or too hot to play outside. The kids are grating on your nerves. They are bored. You really need to get some housework done but don’t want to put them in front of the television. What do you do? I’ll tell you! You print off this list of clues, cut them out , then hide each clue in the location listed above it. The last clue will lead them to their pillows, under which you will have placed a treasure. Maybe it’s something from the dollar store. Maybe it’s a voucher for a family movie night. It won’t matter because a treasure is a treasure—especially when it has been hunted! Add more clues to this treasure hunt if you’d like. They could lead to the television, the bathtub, or even their underwear drawers!

Have an idea for a good clue? Please share it with us!


1.  Give this clue to your child:

When you’re done with your bath or you’ve finished your shower, wrap up in me – I’ve got quick-drying power!

2.  Hide in the towel closet:

I’m a mouse with no eyes but don’t feel bad for me. I’m the one kind of mouse that has no need to see.

3.  Hide under the computer mouse:

Penguins live in the snow and ice, but if they lived in this home they might find me nice.

4.  Hide in the freezer:

I’m a chocolate chip  cookie’s partner in crime. I’m not made of silk, but with silk I do rhyme.

5.  Tape to milk container:

I’m a tube made of cardboard that spins round and round, right before you hear a loud flushing sound.

6.  Hide inside the toilet paper roll:

Whether brushing your teeth or washing your face or combing your hair, you will be in this place.

7.  Tape to the sink or bathroom mirror above sink:

When you feel like singing or want to dance, turn me on, and you’ll get your chance.

8.  Radio, record, Ipod or CD player:

I go with you to lots of neat places. You put me on tightly with velcro or laces.

9.   Hide on or in a pair of shoes:

You can’t come inside, and you can’t go back out without using me—it’s what I’m all about!

10.  Tape to the front door:

I make a strong smell, and I go “drip, drip, drop” while I make a hot drink for your mom or your pop.

11.  Tape to the coffee maker:

I’m soft and I’m squishy and I live on your bed. I am not a hat, but I’m made for your head.

12.  Place a treasure under your child’s pillow.


 Download our printable version HERE.







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