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Tax-Free Weekend in Tennessee and the School Supply List

“48 sharpened #2 pencils (Paper Mate Black Warrior preferred :)”

That is the first item on my oldest child’s fall school supply list—including the smiley face. It is a change from last year’s request of Ticonderoga pencils. The list goes on and includes head phones, boxes of tissues, Expo dry erase markers, paper towels, hand soap and sanitizer, etc. Wow. I remember getting a dozen pencils, eight crayons, a bottle of glue, a 3-ring binder, and a ream of lined paper every year in preparation for going back to school. My mother was a generics shopper, and all I longed for was a real Trapper Keeper.

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The list from our currently zoned school lists name brands (with notes on several about how it’s a better choice and lasts longer than the cheaper versions). As I start the calculations on what this coming school year will cost for our family, a mild panic sets in. If we outfit both kids in school approved attire, purchase all the items on the school supply list as requested, and add a new back pack to the list, it will easily be $200 for each child. Thankfully, Tennessee has announced a change to the dates for the Tax-Free Weekend.

This year, Tax-Free Weekend is scheduled for July 29-31—before our public schools start in early August.

The list of eligible items is extensive, and anyone can take advantage of this cost savings. The price limit is for individual items.

Clothing $100 or less
School supplies $100 or less
Computers $1500 or less

Perhaps a Trapper Keeper is in my child’s future to fulfill the “3-ring binder” line item for school supplies. Let me know if you see one with kittens or rainbows on it?

A list of specific items is available at

  • MNPS has posted requested Elementary and Middle school supply lists on the individual school webpages:
  • (The surrounding counties have requested Elementary and Middle school supply lists on the individual school webpages as well.)
  • High School supply lists are also posted for area schools with notations of specific course needs.

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