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How to Start a Picture Frame Memory Christmas Tree

Holiday traditions are my jam. Hands down, my favorite one is my picture frame memory Christmas tree. I saw the idea on my Instagram feed a few years back. The idea is to have a tree specifically for picture frame ornaments. One frame and picture for every year. A family memory Christmas tree. I was instantly obsessed with the idea.

Gather your supplies.

For sake of cleaning up Christmas needles, I chose to purchase a 4 foot, pre lit Christmas tree from Target. I do my best to find an ornament with the year printed on it. Target, Hobby Lobby and Pottery Barn always have them. You could even make your own; Michael’s has the goodies to do that. 

how to make a picture frame memory christmas tree

Choose your location and gather your pictures.

I decided to have this tree in my bedroom and I love how it looks at night, all lit up. I love putting this tree up and hanging each picture. My kids love it too. I always think about how fun it will be to put up 20 years down the road when the tree is filled with memories. The only hard part of this tradition for me is choosing a picture from the year that will take on the important role of being my favorite memory. I don’t always have Christmas themed pictures so don’t limit yourself to December pictures only. I chose to date our pictures back to the year my husband and I met. Our dogs even have their own frame.

picture frame memory Christmas tree traditions

If you choose to start this tradition I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It’s okay if you’re thinking, “It’s too late, we’ve been married 10 years!” I started late too and just found frame ornaments that didn’t have the dates on them. Happy decorating!

What Christmas traditions do you love?


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