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Nashville Swim Lesson Spots

Nashville Swim Lessons Spots NashvilleMomsBlog

It’s that time of the year again! The pools are opening, swim parties are happening, and trips to the beach are in full effect. If your kids are anything like this California-born mama was, swimming lessons are a must-have— and early on. Here’s a listing of local, Nashville-area places for your kiddos to learn everything from water survival/safety to the Butterfly Stroke!


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Sea Star Swim School

Known for their Infant/Toddler classes, Sea Star’s approach on aquatic education includes teaching swimming for a) survival, b) competency, c) recreation, and d) competition. Located in Hendersonville, They offer classes from 6 months and up, and with small class sizes, lessons are tailored to fit the needs of individual students. Swim teams are also available for older kids! *FYI, sessions fill up quickly, so check the 2015 session schedule for more info.


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YMCA Middle Tennessee

This program starts as young as 6 months old, and offers Parent/Child, Preschool, and Youth options that will teach your child everything from basic water safety and comfort in the water to the skills needed to become a competent, skilled swimmer.


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Brendan Sweetman Swimmers

Located in Mt. Juliet, Brendan Sweetman Swimmers offers 3 different classes. The Beginner level teaches life saving water skills such as rolling onto the back. In the Beginner Stroke level, children learn how to freestyle swim while blowing bubbles and breathing correctly in the water. The Big Stroke classes perfect the child’s form after they have successfully completed the earlier two levels. Children are able to start lessons when they are sitting unassisted.


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Vanderbilt Swim School

With 6 levels (and private lessons) to choose from, Vanderbilt offers a wide variety of classes based on your child’s age and skill level. Nursery rhymes are used in the Parent and Child class to help babies adjust to the water and the other classes cover everything from basic skills to more advanced technique. Classes are first come first serve with sign-ups and are all held in the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center.


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Guppies & Dolphins

Guppies and Dolphins Swim offers six comprehensive swimming levels that teach you, your child, or other family members how to swim skillfully and safely at their Mt. Juliet location. Excluding Level 1, which starts at 6 months old, the prerequisite for each level is successfully completing the level before. Classes explore everything from buoyancy and water play to building endurance, and finally—skill perfection.


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Langford Farms Club

The Langford Farms Club offers both private and semi‐private swim lessons for children ages 3 and up. Lessons are taught by Certified WSI Instructors to Club members and non-members alike. With Pre-Swimmer, two Beginner levels, and an Intermediate level, there’s a spot for everyone. Because lessons are offered only as private or semi-private, instruction is tailored specifically to your child’s needs and abilities.

Make sure you click through on site links to get more info! Happy swimming, Mamas! If you have a great spot for lessons that we missed, let us know!

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  1. Nisha govindji June 5, 2015 at 11:16 am #

    Hi Rachel. I, too, am from CA. I am from northern CA and spent six years in San diego and Los Angeles. I met my now husband and moved here once I got married. Love the blog and all the work you all put into it. Makes my research a lot easier! Thank you!

    Our boys are 20 days apart (9/4/14). And I also live in Brentwood. Thanks again for your post. If you put together play dates I would love to join you as I don’t know too many people with babies my sons age!


    • Meg June 5, 2015 at 4:31 pm #

      We’re so glad you found Nashville Moms Blog! We’re working toward having some fun play dates set up for the Summer. Stay tuned!

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