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I See You Adoptive Momma

As an adoptive momma, I’ve experienced (whether good or bad) the looks, the questions, and the self-doubt that happens from going out in public as a family. It’s basically a day-in-the-life of an adoptive family. People are curious about your diverse family and how it all happened. You often find yourself viewed as a superhero that saves the world […]

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Adoption — Open Minds, Open Hearts, and Open Questions

The first week of November holds the anniversary of adoption for both my children. November is also National Adoption Month. I talk about adoption year round. But this month always feels like a special opportunity to share. Depending on whether or not you’ve been personally touched by adoption, you may or may not be familiar with […]

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Public Displays of Adoption

I have two incredible children through adoption. I could not love them more even if I had given birth to them. In fact, I am jealous of those nine months of their lives that I wasn’t holding them. (They are amazing and I’m greedy.) They are unequivocally mine — regardless of biology. Our family is multiracial. I […]

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Why We Chose Open Adoption

When my husband and I pictured starting a family, we envisioned what every young couple imagines. We thought we would have a positive test eventually; we may experience a few bumps in the road, but—give or take—within 9 months we would have a bouncing bundle of joy. Fast forward through 2 years of negative tests, and it […]

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