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How I Make Time to Read (Almost Every Day)

I love reading. Growing up, I read anything I could get my hands on—even the back of the cereal box, if nothing else was available. That trend has continued into my adult life too. But since becoming a mom, finding time to read has been more of a challenge. I suspect it’s the same for […]

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Read Across America — Ways to Celebrate

Read Across America was created as a way to motivate kids to get their nose in a book and read. The annual event is held on March 2—the birthday of one of America’s most cherished children’s authors, Dr. Seuss. Now in its 20th year of existence, the message gets stronger each year.   Studies have […]

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Best Freebies for New Parents

I’m the queen of finding a good deal—and I didn’t want to change my ways just because I had a baby. Their stuff can be expensive! Good thing there are plenty of samples out there, right? And guess what? It turns out you don’t need a whole lot either. In order to determine what you do […]

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Designing a Minimalist Nursery

We’re moving. Again. Exactly one year after moving across country, we’re packing the house. Again. This time, we’re putting all of our belongings in storage and staying with a cousin for 3 months, before we can buy a house. Trust me—it’s a long story… I hate packing. I mean, is there anyone who likes packing, really? […]

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Five Books That Have Helped Make Parenting SLIGHTLY Easier

I heard a friend say once that you can go to the self-help section of the bookstore and immediately find a parenting book that will justify everything you already believe and do. That’s probably true. And for every parenting book there is that advises one thing, there are probably five that say you should do […]

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