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The Santa Key — A Holiday Tradition

“And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…” “Santa, Baby, hurry down the chimney tonight…” “Down the chimney Santa comes, and never makes a peep…” It’s no secret that Santa’s modus operandi is to land his reindeer on the roof and slide down the chimney with his bag of toys for good girls […]

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Care Packages for Our Soldiers NashvilleMomsBlog

Care Packages for Our Soldiers :: 3 Ways to Show Your Support

Looking for a way to support our armed service people this holiday season? It’s been on my mind—maybe because my husband and I recently saw the 2013 film Lone Survivor. I’m not a war flick person, but the based-on-a-true story of the botched SEALS mission is powerful, and I found the slideshow of snapshots of the real people and […]

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Keeping an Old-Fashioned Flair in Christmas NashvilleMomsBlog

Keeping an Old Fashioned Flair in Christmas — Simple Family Traditions

If you’re feeling a little over the hustle and bustle of holiday commitments—and not entirely embracing the hyper-commercialism of the Christmas season—take a deep breath, get a nice cup of hot tea, and read on for ideas on how to incorporate some simplicity and philanthropy into your holiday traditions (taken from my childhood playbook). For […]

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FDFW Holiday Edition NashvilleMomsBlog

Five Dollars, Five Ways: Dollar Store Activities for Kids — Holiday Edition {Series}

So often, the best things are also the most simple things. This Five Dollars, Five Ways post uses simple ingredients and classic recipes to create gifts, decorations, and ornaments that are fun and frugal (and possibly free)! You will need to get flour and salt at the dollar store. You will also need vegetable oil, food […]

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Confessions of A Slacker Elf on the Shelf Mom

The Elf on The Shelf—behavior modification at it’s finest. This elf shows up sometime before Christmas, and he (or she) reports your child’s behavior directly to the Big Man at the North Pole. The Elf magically flies to Santa at night to report only to return to your home by morning. To make this appear […]

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Nashville Christmas — Mall Survival Guide: Rivergate

I know what you think about Rivergate Mall. Absolutely nothing. Most of you have forgotten about it completely or never even knew this tiny patch of past-its-glory retail bliss located in Goodlettsville (a mere 10 minutes from downtown) even existed.    You might think “bliss” is a strong word to use when talking about a near-abandoned shopping […]

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