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Nashville Guide to Father’s Day Gifts — That Won’t Hide in His Closet

Father’s Day is coming. Although I love the fathers in my life dearly, it seems all of them either have everything they want, have no room for anything else, or are straight up picky.  So here’s what my already stressed brain wants to do for Father’s Day gifts: nothing. Okay, not nothing. But I may just […]

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Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

When I started planning my youngest’s first birthday, there was one thing I knew I didn’t want to add to our home—more toys! I saw a poem suggesting a book instead of a card, but I specifically (really) did not want toys, so I tweaked it to politely request for books as a gift. And let’s face it—the […]

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What Mom ::Really:: Wants for Christmas

Last year, Mandy came up with some truly great ideas for holiday gifts for the family that focused on experiences rather than stuff. There were things like memberships to local attractions, tickets to concerts and plays, gift cards for dinner at a kid-friendly restaurant—all great options for Christmas (or Hannukah!) gifts for the whole family. But […]

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LearningRx Builds the Smart Mom’s Toy Box {Sponsored Post & Giveaway)

{NMB has partnered with LearningRx for this sponsored post. As mamas ourselves, we know how important it is to give your children the tools to learn and improve their cognitive skills. We’re excited to offer this information on fun learning games, the book giveaway, and the discount code for cognitive skills assessments because we believe in […]

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What We ::Really:: Want for Christmas — Experiences Over “Stuff”

Please know that I am extremely grateful for the privilege of sharing and receiving gifts. I like stuff. I like new stuff. I love stuff I can’t afford to buy for myself. But… Perhaps, like me, you’re wondering how much more “stuff” your house can hold. Perhaps, you’re inwardly laughing at the irony of writing […]

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