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Pregnancy Old Wives’ Tales — The Craziest I’ve Heard So Far

Since the dawn of time, women have been birthing babies. Along with that comes a ton of well-meaning—but often odd—advice. Urban legends of pregnancy, if you will. I’m sixteen weeks in with baby #2,  and I’ve already heard and read many pregnancy urban legends and superstitions. Some are so odd, they’re laughable. Today, I’ll share a few […]

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MOMMY TONK is Coming to Town — It’s a Party You Won’t Want to Miss!

MOM’S NIGHT OUT with MOMMY TONK — A party you won’t want to miss. Wednesday, July 13th ZANIES COMEDY CLUB MOMMY TONK is a musical comedy duo based out of Los Angeles. Two moms. One guitar. Cursing in perfect harmony. This 90 minute show about motherhood and marriage is packed full of irreverent comedy, heart felt […]

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Tips on Surviving a Stomach Bug NMB

Totally Useful Tips on Surviving a Stomach Bug

It’s that cold, dreary time of year when stomach viruses are looking for a warm new home—and inevitably find that inside my children’s digestive systems. Oh, is that a gross visual? I’m sorry. I have no standard for what’s disgusting anymore since I’ve been COVERED IN VOMIT FOR 48 HOURS. Nor do I have any idea […]

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A Parents’ Guide to Parenting Trends

Mommy Wars. We’ve all heard about them, but I have yet to witness an actual battle between helicopters and free-rangers, attachment parents and tiger parents. If I had to guess, the helicopters and tigers would win those matches (but only because they can cut you). If you’re not aware of the current middle-class parenting trends, […]

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