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REAL LIFE :: My Journey with Depression

Today we are kicking off a new series called the Real Life Series, in which we share stories written by Nashville area moms, posted anonymously. By and large, these stories are more sensitive in nature or cover topics that may be triggers for some readers. Publishing the piece does not suggest an endorsement by Nashville Moms Blog.  We want to […]

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The Life Changing Magic of Self-Care

Self-Care. These two little hyphenated words changed my life in the most beautiful way. I’m sure I’d skimmed an article in the past about self-care, maybe I’d even heard people around me discuss it, but it never really meant anything to me until I hit that point where heart raising, dish smashing (ok this was […]

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Wishing for a (Virtual) House Call? You Need the Amwell App!

Ugh. No. Just…no. Your head aches. Your throat is scratchy. And is that a fever? You know before you even open your eyes to answer your toddler’s call—you’re sick. And you can’t be sick. You’re MOM. You’ve got kids depending on you for breakfast, rides to school, reading stories, play time,  bath time—you name it. […]

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When It's More Than Mommy Brain NashvilleMomsBlog

When it’s More than Mommy Brain…

When I ask you to think about ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), I can practically guarantee that you are envisioning a little boy running around like crazy and bouncing off the walls and furniture. I know you are not picturing me—a 31 year old, single mother of two who, to most of the people around her, seems […]

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