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Purging Your Junk NMB

Toss, Donate, and Sell: The Basics For Purging Your Junk!

Spring cleaning. Two words that used to make me shudder. However, in the last six months or so, I’ve been trying to embrace the concept of purging and living with less. We have lived in our 1200-square-foot home since 2005. In the last eleven years, we have accumulated SO.MUCH.STUFF. I admit, my husband and I have been […]

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Designing a Minimalist Nursery

We’re moving. Again. Exactly one year after moving across country, we’re packing the house. Again. This time, we’re putting all of our belongings in storage and staying with a cousin for 3 months, before we can buy a house. Trust me—it’s a long story… I hate packing. I mean, is there anyone who likes packing, really? […]

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