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Loss in Motherhood

Loss in Motherhood

I have only been a mama for a short while, but I’ve already learned what I suspected to be true: motherhood is hard. Early motherhood and the newborn daze (days? Either works, I suppose.) is hard because of the usual suspects: sleep deprivation, challenges feeding the baby (no matter your method), worry, endless decisions, and […]

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Nine Totally Useful Tips on How to Entertain “the “Kids” (aka YOU) This Summer

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, snap! It’s summer! What on earth am I gonna do with my tiny humans for two whole months!?” You are undoubtedly going to be inundated with fun things to do around Nashville with your bored kids this summer. But what about YOU? What about YOUR summer? This year, I’ve come to an […]

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The Life Changing Magic of Self-Care

Self-Care. These two little hyphenated words changed my life in the most beautiful way. I’m sure I’d skimmed an article in the past about self-care, maybe I’d even heard people around me discuss it, but it never really meant anything to me until I hit that point where heart raising, dish smashing (ok this was […]

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