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What Has Changed Between 1st and 3rd Child

What Has Changed (and What Hasn’t!) Between Having My First and Third Child

Since my daughter was born 7 weeks ago, I’ve hardly written anything. That’s not surprising since I am not much of a journal-keeper; it’s always been sporadic at best, and was always mostly a repository for my anxieties rather than a celebration of milestones. But still, I was happy to recently find a journal I […]

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Fourth Trimester Postpartum NashvilleMomsBlog

Fourth Trimester — The Postpartum No One Talks About

#4thtrimester #postpartum #takingbackpostpartum All of these hashtags—when searched on Instagram or Twitter—have a couple of things in common. You’ll find pictures and posts about losing weight, cute babies, and even some breastfeeding posts. While none of these were surprising, in the newborn fog that followed the amazing moment of my becoming a mom, I realized this: there […]

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4 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for a New Baby

We’ve been preparing our two boys (4 1/2 and 3 years old) for the arrival of their new sibling since I entered the second trimester. I loved the advice I read here on preparing your child for a new baby—especially #2. (In our case, bedrooms aren’t changing, but we’ll definitely be shifting our car seating situation around […]

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Justin Sienkiewicz Photography — New to Nashville Family Photographer {Giveaway}

Looking for a fantastic photographer? Needing to squeeze in a family portrait before the new year? You will not believe your luck! Justin Sienkiewicz Photography is just the resource you’ve been hoping to find. New to the Nashville area, Justin comes to us from Chicago and brings with him a a skilled eye, a gorgeous portfolio, […]

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To the Mommies Who Can’t Breastfeed: You’re Doing Just Fine

  I don’t think that anyone will dispute the fact that breastfeeding is good for babies. The antibodies and nutrients that a baby gains from breastfeeding are, of course, beneficial. Many moms will speak to how it helps with bonding and how they love the quality time. But what about the moms that can’t breastfeed—or choose […]

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