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10 Ways Ruined My Child NashvilleMomsBlog

10 Ways I’ve Ruined My Child

If you’ve been a parent long (or even mentioned the idea of wanting to be a parent) or just announced a pregnancy, you’ve gotten a barrage of unsolicited-yet-possibly-well-meaning advice—things you should do, things you shouldn’t do, and everything in between. “You’re going to ruin that baby if you do/don’t do (insert any action or activity).” […]

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Totally Useful Ways to Prep Your Kindergartener NashvilleMomsBlog

10 Totally Useful Ways to Prep Your (Nervous) Kid for Kindergarten

I’m (almost) certain that my kid isn’t the only one daily groaning about having to start Kindergarten this fall. He’s only attending a two-day-a-week tutorial program for homeschoolers, but he’s still giving me the stink-eye any time we approach the subject. He’s nervous—which is perfectly natural—but it’s making me feel a bit nervous, too. I’m […]

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Overnight Camp Growing Experience for Kids and Parents NashvilleMomsBlog

Overnight Camp — A Growing Experience for Kids (and Parents Too)!

My seven-year-old daughter spent last week at Girl Scout camp—five nights away from home and living in a cabin with a dozen other little girls and four counselors, most of whom she had never met before. Hard to believe that this girl, who had anxiety attacks throughout kindergarten when I dropped her off at school, […]

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Duct Tape Dynasty (Restoration) NashvilleMomsBlog

Dads Take Over — Duct Tape Dynasty (A Philosophy of Restoration)

{To honor Father’s Day, we are handing over our computers to the men in our lives and turning this little piece of the world wide web into Nashville Dads Blog!  Read along with their joys and struggles, and find out why we are so very thankful to have these awesome dads in our lives.} Growing up spending a considerable amount […]

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Top 5 Reasons I AM a SAHM NashvilleMomsBlog

Top 5 Reasons I AM a Stay at Home Mom

My lovely fellow contributor, Theresa, recently wrote a thoughtful post called, Top 5 Reasons I’m NOT a Stay at Home Mom. It came from a  place of honesty. I appreciate that she shared her experiences without perpetuating the tension of the Mommy Wars—because I am so over all of that. We are all on the […]

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