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Five Dollars, Five Ways: Summer Outdoor Activities {series}

Five Dollars, Five Ways is a series that explores a variety of activities for your kiddos based on a trip to the dollar store with a five dollar budget. We show you  how to maximize a few bucks for hours of fun and entertainment! It’s here, it’s here!  Warm weather is here!  School’s about to be out […]

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4 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for a New Baby

We’ve been preparing our two boys (4 1/2 and 3 years old) for the arrival of their new sibling since I entered the second trimester. I loved the advice I read here on preparing your child for a new baby—especially #2. (In our case, bedrooms aren’t changing, but we’ll definitely be shifting our car seating situation around […]

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Seven Reasons My Kid Won’t Eat

My child…my sweet, loving, precocious five year old…is a picky eater. Let me preface this by noting that she hasn’t ALWAYS been a picky eater. I remember her little chubby baby face covered with things like spaghetti, avocado, green beans, sweet potatoes, and basically anything else I put in front of her. Let me follow […]

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Potty In The USA: Five Unfortunate Truths About Going Diaper-Free

Something happened in my bathroom. Something horrible. The space which had once been a crisp, white sanctuary for the full-bladdered looked like the interior of a shipping container that had carried a pack of wolverines on a treacherous trans-Atlantic voyage. After they visited Taco Bell for fourth meal. The entire place was a mess. And […]

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