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Wishing for a (Virtual) House Call? You Need the Amwell App!

Ugh. No. Just…no. Your head aches. Your throat is scratchy. And is that a fever? You know before you even open your eyes to answer your toddler’s call—you’re sick. And you can’t be sick. You’re MOM. You’ve got kids depending on you for breakfast, rides to school, reading stories, play time,  bath time—you name it. […]

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The Best Advice I Was Ever Given NashvilleMomsBlog

The Best Advice I Was Ever Given

There’s so much parenting advice that is given, isn’t there? Both welcome and not. “Natural childbirth!” “Get an epidural and it will be more enjoyable!” “If you love that baby, don’t vaccinate!” “Vaccinate against all the things!” “Enjoy them while they’re young!” “Drink wine every night! Its a good coping skill!” I have no original […]

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Straight from the Librarians Mouth NashvilleMomsBlog

Straight from the Librarian’s Mouth — Favorite Books & Reading Tips for Parents

National Library Week is April 12-18, 2015. In honor of the occasion, I requested book recommendations from both an *elementary and **middle school librarian. Additionally, I asked for their best tips for parents to help develop a love of reading in their children. I love books, reading, libraries, and librarians, and I want to make sure my children […]

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Motherhood Unexpected My Child with Disabilities Doesn't Need Your Pity NashvilleMomsBlog

Motherhood Unexpected: Why My Child with Disabilities Doesn’t Need Your Pity

This is not the motherhood I pictured. There. I said it. At least, it’s not the motherhood I daydreamed about when I placed my hands on my smooth, round belly and delighted in the movement stirring inside. I knew I was having the little girl I’d always wanted, and I was thrilled. I pictured delicate ballet […]

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We Asked the Expert: What You Need to Know About Estate Planning

What comes to your mind when you think of “estate planning”? Do you have a vision of modern day Downton Abbey-esque characters? Trust funds passing down vast family wealth from generation to generation? While families with great amounts of monetary wealth definitely have a need for estate planning, every other type of family does too. […]

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