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“Mom Guilt” — so common it has its own hashtag. #MomGuilt It’s a phrase we all know. It’s probably an emotion we all experience on a regular basis. It often stems from comparing ourselves to the perfect lives that other moms create on social media. We feel it when we get frustrated and yell at […]

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My Love Letter to Single Moms

Dear Single Mom, I’m not sure what you are up to this evening. Maybe you are up late folding a load (or three) of laundry. You could be packing lunches or reviewing school forms or catching up on work emails or mindlessly flipping channels with your remote because you are too exhausted to get up from […]

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The Me I Used To Be

I miss my pre-kid life. That’s a tough thought to publicly throw out there. It sounds as if I’m saying I wish I weren’t a mother. Let me assure you—that’s not the case. I love my children with a love that knows no bounds. They are the light of my life, and I would do […]

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