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Halloween and Autism — What To Do When Costumes Aren’t An Option

Fall is my favorite season and dressing up for Halloween has always been something I enjoyed, even as an adult. I shamelessly admit that one of the things I most looked forward to after our son was born was costumes and Halloween-time. Baby in a lion costume, anyone? It doesn’t get any cuter. I had […]

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Speech Therapy Moms: Somewhere in the Middle

“Monday and Wednesday mornings are out for us,” I tell my friends as we stare at our calendars, hoping to find a little time for a play-date. “Jackson will be in speech therapy.” Old friends know this already. They’ve experienced my son’s limited ability to express himself and often celebrate each new word or sound with me. New […]

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What I Wish I Could Tell You :: When You Suspect Developmental Delays in Your Child

Being the parent of a special needs child truly give you a unique perspective on a multitude of things. Before I had my daughter, doctors were god-like. If there were anything to be concerned about health-wise, a doctor could fix it or would, at the very least, recognize it. Clearly, I was not alone in my former misconceptions as […]

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Fun for All Nashville Special Needs Accessiblity NashvilleMomsBlog

Fun For All! Nashville Attractions with Special Accessibility

When you have a child with a disability, there’s quite a bit of extra planning involved when seeking out kid-friendly excursions. With that in mind, I’ve highlighted two local attractions dedicated to disability accommodation and provided links to accessibility resources from some other favorite spots. Nashville Zoo at Grassmere   Accessibility at the Zoo Wheelchair Access The […]

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