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Creating a Thankfulness Tree

Last year, I started the tradition of creating a Thankfulness Tree. I love this craft because it makes the home look more “Thanksgiving-ish” and creates a huge visual reminder to be thankful. Plus, this project is quite easy even for the non-crafter to do!  One brisk October morning, I headed out my front door on the […]

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Teaching Children Gratitude

A sign hangs in our kitchen that says “Be Grateful.” A simple statement, but loaded with meaning. I search for ways to teach my children gratitude — to prevent their feeling entitled to anything. Thankfully, my children, for the most part, are grateful children. However, moments exist when entitlement consumes them. When that happens, we’ve learned a few ways to deal with […]

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Teaching Kids to Save The Rewards System NMB

Teaching Kids To Save — The Rewards System

My husband and I believe that teaching our children about money at an early age will help them tremendously as adults. We want them to have a “savings” mindset versus a “spending” mindset to set them up for financial success when they start their trek into the real world. But where to begin? We’ve chosen a rewards […]

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My Children's Entertainment

When Did I Become My Children’s Entertainment?

I don’t know when it happened, exactly. It was really a combination of things. Regardless, one day—between crafting and baking—it hit me: I had accidentally become my child’s social planner. Her cruise director. Her one, sole source of children’s entertainment. It’s not because I enjoy playing with children’s toys for hours on end, have a penchant for coloring, […]

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