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A Lonely Jew on Christmas

Titling my post with a highly inappropriate South Park reference . . . a lonely Jew on Christmas . . . something I never thought I’d do. In any case, it’s a pretty fitting description. I write a lot on this site about how we moved across the country a little over a year ago—mainly because it […]

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The Santa Key — A Holiday Tradition

“And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…” “Santa, Baby, hurry down the chimney tonight…” “Down the chimney Santa comes, and never makes a peep…” It’s no secret that Santa’s modus operandi is to land his reindeer on the roof and slide down the chimney with his bag of toys for good girls […]

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Keeping an Old-Fashioned Flair in Christmas NashvilleMomsBlog

Keeping an Old Fashioned Flair in Christmas — Simple Family Traditions

If you’re feeling a little over the hustle and bustle of holiday commitments—and not entirely embracing the hyper-commercialism of the Christmas season—take a deep breath, get a nice cup of hot tea, and read on for ideas on how to incorporate some simplicity and philanthropy into your holiday traditions (taken from my childhood playbook). For […]

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