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Things I Said I Would Never Do — And Now I’m a Parent

I think, as parents, we all have a few of these. Things that, in our naive pre-children days, we swore up and down that we would never do. Never ever. And if we happened to see or hear of a parent doing these terrible, horrible no-no’s? We may have even *gasp* judged them. Then? We had kids. And life got real. The naivety washed away. And we found ourselves doing all. the. things. that we said we would never, ever do. Are y’all with me?!

Things I said I would never do - Nashville Moms Blog

We polled our contributors to find out all of the things that they have eaten their words over. Check out our list and see if you can relate to any:

“Pacifiers after the age of three. She’s now three—as of March. We gave the pacis back two weeks after we took them.”

“No sodas. Ever. My oldest never had them… until my youngest was born. My youngest likes to sneak sips of my Diet Coke, and my oldest orders Sprite when we go out.”

“When I had my oldest ten years ago, I told everyone absolutely not to buy her anything princess related because I didn’t want her to have a “princess attitude.” She currently owns princess clothing, princess dolls, princess movies, as well as multiple princess costumes, and she will walk around the house as a princess on any given day. And I even call her younger sister ‘Princess’ as a nickname now.”

“No cell phones until they had a job to pay for it themselves. Guess what my oldest is getting next month for her birthday…”

“I swore I would never use my saliva to clean my child’s face . . . or have entire conversations about bowel movements.”

“Let my kids eat food off of the floor.”

“Brag about potty training on social media.”

“My iPad would not become my child’s.”

“I grew up saying I would never cuss around my kids or let them around people who cuss. Now, I constantly get reminded to watch my language. By my child.”

“I knew I would never let my baby watch TV. So far, he’s watched the Super Bowl, March Madness, Predators playoff games . . . and The Office. Whoops.”

“I didn’t want to be one of ‘those friends’ who plan everything around their kid’s naps and bedtime. Yeah, I plan everything around naps and rarely go out after 4pm because I don’t want my son to nap late and mess up bedtime.”

“Give my kid my phone to calm him down. I only do this every single day.”

“Let my son cry it out. I definitely took a cry and comfort approach to sleep training. And there were tears from us both.”

“Thanks to my mom’s matching phase in the 90’s, I swore I’d never match my daughter’s clothes to mine. Oops.”

“I would never bribe my kids to behave. Because I would have little angelic kids.”

“Kid on a backpack leash. I judged so hard, but now I completely get it.”

“That I would never cook a separate meal for my kid. Ha. HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

“I used to think parents who kissed their kids on the lips were gross. Now, that’s the only way I kiss my kids.”

“My husband said we weren’t going to give our kids fast food.”

“Never buy a van. We bought our first one last December.”

“I was never going to put ‘those ridiculous headbands with the bows the size of the baby’s head’ on MY daughter. I did it the first week of her life.”

So what’s the consensus? Can y’all relate to any of these??
We’d love to hear your funny “I said I would never…” stories in the comments!

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