Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

To All the Moms Everywhere Doing Your Thing – I Applaud You

To the breastfeeding mom and the formula-feeding mom; I know it isn’t easy to wake up in the middle of the night after only a few much needed hours of sleep. It feels like your head just hit the pillow and now you find yourself awake again. You feel a tiredness like you have never felt before. You feel it in all of your being. And yet you press on. You move forward. You do what you need to do, for this precious little one who you love with a ferocity you never knew possible.

I applaud you.  

To the stay-at-home mom and the working mom; it feels like a lot sometimes. Doesn’t it? Some days you feel the weight of all you are juggling pressing in on you. You wonder how it will all get done. Is that even possible? You may wonder if you will get a shower today. Or if you will have enough time to cook dinner. What is for dinner anyway? You are trying your best to take care of the needs of your family, and hopefully find a moment for yourself amidst it all. 

I applaud you. 

To the mom who makes her own baby food and the mom who purchases it from the store; we need to get those babies fed. Whether you are all organic, some organic, or not organic at all. We pick our battles. We make the choices that are best for our families at that time in our lives, with the resources we have at our disposal. And our babies are fed. And they are happy. And we are happy. 

I applaud you. 

To the Pinterest party mom, the mom who goes to the facility where they take care of the party for you and the mom who decides to skip a party this year and celebrate as a family; kudos to you for making this special day possible for your child. It isn’t always easy to find the time, or the extra money it costs, for these occassions. You are celebrating your child and possibly inviting their friends to celebrate alongside you and your family. You are filling up that special spot in their mind where sweet memories go. You have carved out a special space in time just for them. 

I applaud you. 

To the PTO mom, the Room Mom, the mom who never misses a SignUp Genius and to the mom who chooses to say “no” because it is what is best for her, and her family; way to know where to best use your strengths, and when to let someone else use theirs. It’s hard to balance it all, and to choose our yes-replies and our no-replies. We need to do so wisely. And teach our children to do the same – so we aren’t stretched too thin; and so they aren’t stretched to thin. Thank you for giving your time and serving, and thank you for knowing when your time is best spent elsewhere. 

I applaud you. 

To the mom who is the marathon runner. And to the mom who has never run a mile. To the mom who makes all of her food from scratch. And to the mom who buys her food pre-made. To the mom who is going to school to get a degree. And to the mom who is teaching her children from home. To the mom who loves to play. And to the mom who does so out of obligation – if at all. 

To the single mom. The widowed mom. The lonely mom. To the tired mom. The overworked mom. The underpaid mom. The mom who is struggling to make ends meet. To the  stressed mom. The relaxed mom. To the mom who suffers from anxiety, or depression. Or both. 

To the mom of the special needs child. The mom of the emotionally-troubled child. To the mom of the bully. And the bullied. 

To the mom of the overachiever. To the mom of the child who is deemed as average, who is far from average at all. To the mom of the child who struggles with school, but has so many other strengths. To the sports mom. The dance mom. The band mom. 

To the mom who knows what it feels like to be so exhausted, but so fulfilled. To the mom who has lost her temper and yelled louder than she wanted to. And who has then had to apologize. 

To the mom whose child is getting behind the wheel for the first time. To the mom whose child is about to go on their first date, or to their first dance. To the mom who is attendin their first graduation ceremony. Or their last. To the mom who has helped their child pack for college. And then watched them go.

To the empty nester waiting for their child to come home. 

To all the moms. Everywhere. Who are trying their best – daily. Who love their children with a love that is indescribable with words, but is felt with every ounce of their being. 

I applaud you. 

Because you try. And you love. And you sacrafice. And you pray. And you believe. 

I applaud you. 

Because you don’t give up. 

I applaud you. 

No, I stand for you. 

You are somebody’s mom. 

And even though most of what you do is behind the scenes. Even though your work is not on a stage for all to see. 

You deserve a standing ovation. 






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