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We Tried (And Loved!) Sweetleaf Stevia Water Drops

Nashville Moms Blog is excited to partner with Sweetleaf on this sponsored post. All opinions are 100% our own!

When we were approached by SweetLeaf to try out their Water Drops, our reactions were mixed on the team. It’s safe to say, however, that these flavor drops for water won us all over. Whether ridding your diet of excess sugar or aiming to hydrate yourself better, these drops meet your need with the bonus of being absolutely delicious.

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This stuff is good! I was a little skeptical because I prefer fruit tea or soda if I want a flavored drink, but I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor the water drops gave. It didn’t taste overly sweet or artificial. It was just yummy! I add a few squirts of the Water Drops to my water bottle, and it absolutely gets me drinking more water throughout the day. My favorite flavor is raspberry lemonade. And my 3 kiddos love the flavor drops as well! 


These drops are made with stevia — a plant-based sugar substitute that has no calories. In fact, SweetLeaf water drops are sugar-free, gluten-free, and free of any chemicals or dyes. Made from entirely organic ingredients, you can feel good about adding a little shot of flavor to your own water — and water for your kids.

SweetLeaf Water Drops Water Enhancers are a big hit with my kids and that makes them a big hit with me! My son loves the Raspberry Lemonade and my daughters love the Strawberry Kiwi. I love that there are no artificial sweeteners and that it’s clear in color with no dyes or food coloring. My daughters are milk addicts and SweetLeaf has helped me get them to drink more water.  My kids feel like they are drinking Kool Aid, but I know this is so much healthier!


Because they are sugar-free, SweetLeaf Water Drops add flavor with zero calories, zero carbs, and no glycemic response. This make Water Drops a great choice for anyone watching calories, of course. But those monitoring a child’s diet for other reasons — ADHD, autism, or type-1 diabetes for example — might be interested in this great tasting way to entice their kids to drink water. In short? Water Drops make drinking water a treat for anyone looking to make better dietary choices.

I’ve recently become more serious about my health and made some lifestyle changes. That means that I’m cutting a lot of things out of my diet. My doctor also told me to add more water and exercise to my daily routine. Surprisingly, drinking more water has been the bigger challenge. I don’t particularly like it. Even though I’m fully versed in all the benefits, I still don’t want it. This is why I’m thrilled about SweetLeaf Water Drops. The Peach Mango is delicious! Now I drink my water and feel like I’m having a treat. I never imagined that Peach Mango flavored sater would be my new favorite drink, but it is! I am taking care of myself and it actually tastes good. That’s the kind of healthy choice that I know I can sustain. These SweetLeaf Water Drops will make my grocery list every time. 


As if those reasons weren’t enough? The drops come in a convenient 2.1 oz bottle that can easily be dropped into a diaper bag, backpack, or purse. Shoot — they’re small enough to pass the liquids size rule for the airport, y’all.

sweetleaf stevia water drops

I am usually a plain water gal… sometimes I add a squeeze of lemon or some fresh mint if I’m feeling festive. But now that I’ve tried SweetLeaf Water Drops, it’ll be hard to go back. I’ve tried similar products in the past and haven’t liked the aftertaste. I love that these convenient drops add a little bit of flavor without any mess, sugar, or anything fake. Peach Mango is my favorite flavor so far. These Water Drops are perfect for summer hydration! 

-Sarah K

Need more convincing? Read these testimonials from more members of our team:

I am normally pretty good about drinking water, but sometimes it’s a struggle because I just want something else that tastes different.  So I was excited to try the SweetLeaf Water Drops. I tried the Stawberry Kiwi first, and before I knew it, all of my water was gone! I drank it all in under five minutes — it was so good!  Next I tried the Raspberry Lemonade, and the same thing — all of my water, gone in five minutes. I drank 60 ounces of water today with no problem and without having to force it down. Normally, I have to try really hard to drink that much water in a day and today I did it with no problem. I will be using the SweeLeaf Water Drops every day! And I love that I can use it without worrying about adding calories or unnecessary sugar. Thank you!


As someone who legitimately enjoys the taste of plain water (no ice, thank you very much), I was pleasantly surprised by SweetLeaf‘s flavor drops. In the past, I’ve used other water enhancers but ultimately was drawn away by the powdery residue that seems to always find its way to the bottom of the bottle or glass. My distaste for artificial coloring also was a main deterrent for other comparable products on the market. What I have enjoyed about SweetLeaf is the ability to tailor my concentration of flavor without the effects of refined sugar and artificial colors, and I like that this is something my kids would enjoy as well. I highly recommend the Raspberry Lemonade, especially for these hot summer afternoons! 


So, I’m not the best about hydrating. I should probably pull a Jennifer Lawrence and tattoo a reminder on my wrist — but that’s just not my style (and I have a very strong aversion to needles). In addition to just being really busy, I don’t really like the taste of water. I’ve tried using drink packets — but they are messy and gritty and colorful…and probably packed with chemicals that I shouldn’t be drinking. So these sweet leaf water drops are a game changer. Now, when I look at that bottle of water and think, “I should hydrate,” I just unscrew the cap, add a squirt, shake, and enjoy. The water looks like water (no messy powder on my counters or lab coat thank you!), but it tastes like peach mango. Yes, please! And since its made with stevia, I can feel better about what I’m putting in my body. 


Want to try them for yourself? You’re in luck! Sweetleaf Water Drops are conveniently available at a Publix store near you (along with a variety of their other products). You can pick some up today!

Even better? We’re giving away a trio of Water Drops to one lucky Nashville Moms Blog reader!
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