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5 Ways to Do Valentine’s Day—At Home!

Valentine’s Day. It seems as though people either love to celebrate it, or avoid it all together. The process can be exhausting (and expensive!) by the time you’ve made reservations, bought roses, and paid for a babysitter—if there are little ones at home. If that is your yearly ritual, then enjoy! But if you’re someone who would like to celebrate Valentine’s Day without going to all that expense and effort, consider spending it at home with one of our suggestions!

Valentine's Day

At Home Movie Night

This one is easy and requires virtually no effort. Watch your favorite movie of all time, or maybe pick a Best Picture nominee that you haven’t seen yet and decide whether you think they’re worthy of the honor. Buy or make your favorite popcorn, find your warmest blanket, and settle in for a low key evening.

Wine and Cheese Night

At home Wine & Cheese nights are a great way to stay in but still feel like you’re doing something a little different from the norm. White wines pair great with soft cheeses; you could even pair beers with the stronger-tasting, hard cheeses if that’s more your jam. Light some candles, and you’ll even be able to make it feel fancy.

Game Night!

This is an ideal option if you want the kiddos to celebrate with you. Let them pick their favorite game and make an evening of it with the whole family. Just make sure to give yourself enough time if the game they choose is Monopoly!

Fancy Dinner In Your Own Kitchen

Filet Mignon? Sage and Butternut Squash Lasagna? Chicken Wellington? Everyone loves a good fancy meal but not necessarily the set menu and price gouging that can sometimes accompany Valentine’s Day. Do some planning ahead to decide what you want to prepare. You’ll be certain to spend less on those crab legs at home than you would if you ventured out.

Pizza Night

Even if this is something your family does regularly, it’s easy, inexpensive, and is always a crowd pleaser. You can order delivery or make your own homemade version if you’re up for something that takes a little more time. This is great way to feed two people—or a family of ten.

However you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, we hope it’s fun and full of love!

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