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Wait . . . You Mean the Laundry Fairy is REAL?!!

You read that right, mama. The laundry fairy is REAL. At least it is here in Nashville! Our laundry fairy comes in the form of a lovely worker from the Laundry Care service. And it’s the stuff of a laundry haters dreams — your laundry washed, dried, and folded BY SOMEONE ELSE.

It’s easy as pie to sign up, and to make it even easier, there’s an app to get you rolling. Just check that they service your area, fill out your account info, and BAM! You’ve got your very own laundry fairy. Pricing is reasonable and clearly marked (although watch out for “rush” fees — the folks at Laundry Care require a minimum two day turnaround). Scheduling is easy (and you get to outline your laundry preferences). Then you set out your bag of laundry (reusable bags may be purchased, but you can start with a 13 gallon trash bag). Your dirties get picked up, sorted, washed, dried, and folded BY SOMEONE ELSE, and then returned to your door two days later! Pillows, comforters, and table cloths may also be laundered, and you can also get ironing and/or dry-cleaning done by the service for additional fees.

With the holidays coming up, we all have a lot going on, right? Let Laundry Care take some of that work off your plate! Or maybe you just HATE folding sheets. (I mean, who LIKES folding a fitted sheet, amirite?!! And no one I know IRL can actually do it well…) I have a friend who send out all her family’s linens for that very reason. And, really, I think that’s kind of brilliant. Oh, and did I mention the holidays are coming up?? (I did. Yes, I did.) Doesn’t this sound like a FANTASTIC gift idea? I mean, really it’s a gift for the whole family. No one can argue with that, can they? Clean, folded laundry delivered straight to your door step. Shoot. It might even get put away quickly!

Go ahead, mama. TREAT YO’SELF. Go on over to the Laundry Care site *now*
and get signed up for your first delivery!

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