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Why Girls Weekends are a MUST


These girls are my absolute favorites. They are my rocks, my inspiration, my secret keepers, the funniest people I know, and my very best friends. We were lucky enough to meet each other in college (well, besides my bestie and me—we went to highschool together and ended up as roommates!), and from day one we had a special connection. We always traveled together in packs (hence our nickname—The Wolfpack), and where one of us went the rest were soon to follow. We got in our fair share of trouble together, had more laughs than I can remember. Seventeen years later (did I really just write that?!?), nothing—and everything—has changed.

My favorite thing about “us” is that we’re all different. So different—yet exactly the same. If you were to meet us as individuals, you wouldn’t necessarily lump us all into the same group of friends. We have different interests, different lifestyles, and we live in different parts of the country, but we have two things that keep us together always—love and history. We’ve seen each other through more than a few breakups. We’ve been there to hold each others hair while vomiting all over the nasty toilet of a frat house. We’ve held each other’s hands through the loss of parents and the celebration of the births of our next generation. And while times have changed and we are no longer living the life of college students (why oh why did that time have to end?!?!), we still have each other. We can go months—maybe even years—without being in the same room with one another, but the minute we’re all together, it’s really like no time has passed. We don’t even have to pick up where we left off thanks to social media. I already know what’s going on in their lives, and we continue as if we still live next door to each other and it’s just another day. I’m lucky. I know. However, while our friendships are easy, it does take a little bit of work to stay connected. Whenever we can, we make the time to see each other. It may not be all 9 of us together, but we make the effort. Even with all the distance between us (California, Tennessee, Maryland, Pennsylvania, & Delaware), we try our best to get together.  

After college, we started doing Girls Trips. It started with bachelorette parties and morphed into a once-a-year trip. Not everyone can go—because of work or babies or LIFE—but there are always some of us, and some is better than none. We’ve done Vegas (twice), Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Nashville, Florida, Jersey Shore—and have even gotten hotel rooms for the weekend in Philly near where a majority of our group lives—just to be together.

Trips together are important. Sharing time with the people you love most is necessary. Here are my top 3 reasons why girls trips are a MUST.


Sometimes, you just need to laugh. With these girls, I laugh so hard. Laughter is the cure for so many things, and doing it while in the company of your best friends? There isn’t a better therapy. Recounting stories of the good ol’ days makes me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants. (Ok, I’ve had 3 kids. I probably do pee my pants. A little.)


Life can be hard at times. We are all troubled from time to time by work, finances, significant others, family, children or…something. We need an escape. We need to vent. We need our friends. Taking time away for yourself restores your sanity. It recharges your batteries and makes you a better girlfriend, wife, mom or business woman. (Or all of the above.)

Life Is Too Darn Short

A few months ago, I lost one of my oldest and dearest friends to cancer.  She was a wife, a mother, and a fierce friend. Losing her has made me acutely aware of how very short life is. A few short years ago, I was a college student having the time of my life with my best friends, and now I’m a 35-year-old mother of three. Those seventeen years went by so quickly—I can’t imagine how fast the next seventeen years are going to go. You owe it to yourself to escape somewhere with your lady friends and laugh so hard you pee your pants. Do it. Now!

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