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We’re TWELVE Moms Stronger! Introducing Our New Nashville Moms Blog Contributors!

We are so excited to introduce y’all to eleven new members of the Nashville Moms Blog team! Each mama has her own warm, vibrant personality, and we can’t wait for you all to get to know them both online and in person through her upcoming posts and at our upcoming get togethers this summer. We feel humbled, honored, and overjoyed to have each of these women join our team.


Her crew: Daniel (37), Hanna (5) & Carl (2)

Originally from: Berne, Switzerland

What brought her here: my husband got an internal job assignment of his company Franke Kitchen Systems  

Her favorite Nashville restaurant is: Bastion (without kids), Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint (with kids 🙂

One thing you will ALWAYS find in her bag because she can’t live without it: a huge MESS in which I find everything else but the thing I am actually looking for!

Favorite family outing in Nashville? We love to go walking, having picnic and playing soccer at Percy Warner Parks

Raising kids in Nashville is: extremely versatile (lots of activities especially tailored  for kids and families: indoor and outdoor activities, music, workshops, sports, events, …if you get bored in Music City, then you for sure do something wrong…
Something about her that not everyone knows:  I can ride a unicycle (extremly useful…lol)


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Her crew: My husband Martin and I have two adorable babies. Lincoln is almost four and is a fabulous big brother to our little lady Emilia, who just turned one. We also have the greatest dog on the planet — named Sophie!

Originally from: The suburbs of Chicago

What brought her here: I went to College at the University of Kentucky and lived in Lexington for about five years after school. Once we decided to have a family, we knew that we needed more family around. My husband grew up in Franklin and his family still lives here. He also happened to be working for a firm located in Brentwood so the move was any easy choice for us.

Her favorite Nashville restaurant is: Barcelona Wine Bar – it makes me feel fancy 😉

One thing you will ALWAYS find in her bag because she can’t live without it: Chapstick and snacks

Favorite family outing in Nashville? The Zoo! It’s shady even on the hottest summer days!

Raising kids in Nashville is: The best of both worlds, big city experiences along side country living. I can have them picking blueberries and playing with horses but have the city life at our fingertips!

Something about her that not everyone knows: I really love gross medical stuff! TV shows, stories, whatever it is, I’m facinated by it all. It’s hard to gross me out.


Her crew: Ha! Is it bad that I immediately wanted to write about my best girlfriends, but then I realized that you were asking about my husband and child? LOL. My husband is an architect in Nashville and loves F1 racing, baseball, and golf. My son is almost three years old. He loves ’80s rock, anything with wheels, and of course, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and Skye! 

Originally from: All over! I grew up in a military family and rocked almost ten states by the time I graduated high school. I probably align mostly with the South as I can’t get enough of sweet tea, fried okra, and Jesus. However, I can seriously chow down on some New York style pizza.

What brought her here: It was our dream to move across the country when our son was a month old to be away from all of our friends and family. Ha! Just kidding. My husband got a job here in Nashville and it was too good to pass up. Somehow, we survived parenting for the first time without our support system. We were quickly adopted into the Nashville way of life and have met great friends here. That’s what is so great about Nashville. It’s just so nice, y’all!

Her favorite Nashville restaurant is: Two Ten Jack, Butcher & Bee, and Barcelona… mainly because all three are great restaurants to take your friends and share the best foods. Two Ten Jack has the best ramen in town. Butcher & Bee’s whipped feta could stop wars. Barcelona has just fantastic tapas.

One thing you will ALWAYS find in her bag because she can’t live without it: I’m not sure I’ve ever had coffee creamer in my bag, but I definitely can’t live without it. Almond Joy is the best flavor!

Favorite family outing in Nashville? Tailgate Brewery and then a tie between the Adventure Science Center and the Nashville Zoo. Although, to be honest, my son would probably be perfectly content with me driving around in circles at the airport as he points out all the different types of planes and cranes he sees.

Raising kids in Nashville is: Amazing and so confusing at the same time. At any given time, there seem to be a bajillion family-friendly activities happening around town. Also, I love that local breweries and wineries are really accomodating toward families with young children. (Has anyone figured out the school systems yet?!)

Something about her that not everyone knows: I hate scary movies and scary shows. After watching the Ring in college, I had to go to bed with the lights on and Finding Nemo playing in the background for two weeks straight. I prefer some of the current bingeworthy shows: Queer Eye, Nailed It, Santa Clarita Diet, and of course the classics like: The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, and Friends.


Her crew: Husband – Clark, Baby Girl – Elaine (12 weeks old!), Dog – Penny (mixed breed – 11 years old)

Originally from: Right here! Well, born and raised and currently live in Franklin, TN. My daughter is the 3rd generation of my family to be born in Franklin along with myself and my dad. 

Her favorite Nashville restaurant is: Lockeland Table, or City House, or Rolf & Daughters, or Sperry’s — there are too many to choose. Nashville has such good restaurants!

One thing you will ALWAYS find in her bag because she can’t live without it: Floss – you only have to floss the teeth you want to keep. But seriously, it really does come in handy

Favorite family outing in Nashville? My baby is less than 3 months old, so we don’t have any favorite family outings of our own yet, but I think in the future we will be frequent visitors to the zoo, the Ryman (my husband and I already go all the time, so we will definitely add baby girl once she is older and her hearing will not be impaired), and any downtown Franklin festivals

Raising kids in Nashville is: Awesome! there is so much to do in this city!

Something about her that not everyone knows: I have super-weak arms, and my friends used to tease me about it — like how can you even pick up that heavy cocktail? But now that I am carrying around a baby and a car seat, everyone is astonished I can lift it! haha


Her crew: My crew consists of me and my two girls, Madison (age 10) and Ellie (age 1) and our 6 year old dog Bella. House full of girls!

Originally from: Sharon, TN (rural farm town in NorthWest TN)

What brought her here: I moved here in 2002 to attend college at MTSU and loved it so much I stuck around!

Her favorite Nashville restaurant is: Martin’s BBQ 

One thing you will ALWAYS find in her bag because she can’t live without it:  my cellphone

Favorite family outing in Nashville? Hiking and walking the greenways

Raising kids in Nashville is: Exciting! There is so much history and culture and so many events, and I love the opportunity to share all of these amazing things with my girls!

Something about her that not everyone knows: I love Wheel of Fortune and have always wanted to be a contestant on the show. I watch it every night.


Her crew: Doug (husband of 5 years), Tucker (4-year-old son), and Reco (our feisty, dirty rotten scoundrel of a kitten, 5 months).

Originally from: Mt. Juliet, TN. OG Nashvillian in the hoouuuuuse. 

What brought her here: Well, I guess you could say my dad’s job change brought me here in 2nd grade. Wait…do I still qualify as an OG? Anyway, I can recall staring longingly at our old home as we drove away, thinking to myself: “What is Tennessee and who in the world would want to live there?!” I’d say my opinion has changed quite a bit since then.

Her favorite Nashville restaurant is: At this stage of life, I am diggin’ Uncommon Grounds in Old Hickory Village. It’s a darling little coffee shop with an assortment of food items located directly across the street from a fenced in (!!) playground. Chuck takes his coffee very seriously, and naturally, he is now my favorite human.

One thing you will ALWAYS find in her bag because she can’t live without it: Oh honey…chapstick and gum. And snacks, because the hangry runs strong in this family.

Favorite family outing in Nashville? Hiking! Volunteer Trail in Mt. Juliet is a family favorite because it tends to be less crowded and is easy enough for our pokey little guy. If you’re looking for a super easy, yet nature-y walk, check out the nearby Long Hunter State Park in Mt. Juliet. They have a 2-mile paved loop around a beautiful lake and a playground. Great way to spend a Saturday!

Raising kids in Nashville is: a gift. Truly, I feel so fortunate to be in this loving, fun-filled community. Despite its growing pains and potholes that devour tiny vehicles, Nashville’s open arms and southern pride remain unparalleled. 

Something about her that not everyone knows:  I’m a conflicted thrill seeker. I’ve been skydiving, white water rafting, and I love roller coasters, but I am terrified of the ocean. Terrified! Snorkeling? Nope. Scuba diving? Double nope. I’d rather rappel down the Empire State Building than float around in a sea of creepy crawly (swimmy?) crazy-eyed water gremlins.


Her crew: I am married to my best friend, Peter. We’ve been married for 12 years. My son Elijah is close to 2 (20 months). We tried for him for 10 years and are so glad he came to us when he did. Both of my boys love music. My husband is a songwriter and small business owner in the Nashville. I have an amazing extended family and friends who I call my family and am so blessed to share my life with them.

Originally from: Gallatin, TN (45 minutes north of Nashville)

What brought her here: I was born here and never left. I love this city and the people who live here.

Her favorite Nashville restaurant is: That’s a hard question! We have a standing reservation every Friday night, but there is always a place in my heart for Mexican food so, La Hacienda also gets an honorable mention. 

One thing you will ALWAYS find in her bag because she can’t live without it: My cell phone. I’m a stereotypical Millennial! I use my phone for EVERYTHING and have to be ready to take a picture of whatever cute thing my son is doing!

Favorite family outing in Nashville? Going to Cedars of Lebanon State Park or Long Hunter State Park for a walk. We love being outside and really love the parks in the Nashville area.

Raising kids in Nashville is: Amazing! Nashville is an incredible place to be and has a such a diverse and growing population that opportunities for learning and growth are always present for moms and children. 

Something about her that not everyone knows: I used to sit on Johnny Cash’s lap as a child. His sister attended our church, and he would come and sing at times. I had no idea that he as famous. I just thought he was a sweet man who liked to sing. Additionally, I love a good bubble bath and consider myself a Ranch dressing connoisseur (the best Ranch can be found at Edgefield in East Nashville).


Her crew: My Husband, my 1 year old, and my dog Moose. Plus a baby boy due any day now!

Originally from: Born in New York raised in New Jersey. 

What brought her here: I came to Nashville for a wedding and fell in love with all things Music City. 

Her favorite Nashville restaurant is: Germantown Cafe is always a great atmosphere for my favorite meal of the day: Brunch! Gallatin Area – Foxland Harbor Bar and Grill has a brand new head chef/menu that is delicious and some of the friendliest staff in the area! 

One thing you will ALWAYS find in her bag because she can’t live without it:  Burt’s Bees Pomegranate chapstick. 

Favorite family outing in Nashville? Nashville Zoo is so much fun almost all year round. Musician’s Corner at Centennial Park is my absolute favorite activity when the weather is nice! It’s great for kids, dogs, and has something fun to do for everyone!

Raising kids in Nashville is: SO MUCH FUN. No matter what time of year there, is always something exciting to do. And the amount of FREE activities gives you no excuse to say, “I’m bored.” This city is full of beneficial and exciting experiences for all ages! 

Something about her that not everyone knows: When I first moved to Tennessee I was not used to friendliness that comes along with living in the south. I had one experience specifically that I’ll never forget. 

 While shopping at Kroger for the first time, I had my hands full of groceries but needed just one more thing. A nice, older gentleman saw me struggling and asked if I wanted his buggy. He could tell I was totally freaked out by the question. He laughed and asked where I was from. I responded NEW JERSEY in a very don’t-mess-with-me-I-could-be-in-the-mob kind of way. He just laughed, pushed his shopping cart toward me, and walked away saying, “Dorothy, you’re not in Jersey anymore.” That night I found out the Buggy = Shopping Cart. 

 I think about that older guy EVERYTIME I go to Kroger and just laugh at how stereotypical Northerner I must have seemed. #blessmyheart


Her Crew: I have an awesome husband, Christian. We have two sons, Julian (3 years 5/22/14) and Jordan (2 years 8/15/15). Also have four angel babies, pre-Julian.

Originally From: Chicago, IL

What brought her here: My job, selling steel. I moved from Detroit. Needless to say it was a great move!

Her favorite Nashville restaurant is: Adele’s

One thing you will ALWAYS find in her bag because she can’t live without it: My iPhone is my first and obvious answer. Other than the obvious, it would be my Buxom lip gloss — love it!!!

Favorite family outing in Nashville? Going to the zoo as soon as the gates open at 9am on the weekends followed by a Mexican lunch on Nolensville Road.

Raising kids in Nashville is: AMAZING! We love how family-friendly Nashville is. From the zoo to Cheekwood to art fairs to the numerous parks around town, there is always something to do with the kiddos. We do not have any family in the state of Tennessee, as is the same with many of our friends, so it has been great to see how our community comes together to help each other out in times of need.

Something about her that not everyone knows: Something that not many of my Nashville friends know is that I was a very involved student growing up. My favorite activities were golf and art. I made it to the high school state championships in golf and I also had a piece of my artwork displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago. In the same year, the Chicago Sun Times (or maybe it was the Tribune, is it bad that I don’t remember?) named me one of the top golfers in the state and also one of the top high school artists.

I received both golf and art scholarships for college, unfortunately none at the same school so I had to pick which path I wanted to take. After a lot of consideration, I opted for the golf scholarship. I don’t have any regrets, but I wonder where I would be and what I would be doing if I took the art scholarship. Knowing how difficult it is to make it in the arts, I probably would have become the typical “starving artist.” I made the right choice.


Her crew: My husband Jason, our four-year-old daughter Paisley Ray, one dog, and six chickens

Originally from: San Diego, California

What brought her here: It’s been a dream of mine for many years. After my first visit I realized my heart would always in California, but Nashville had my soul. I feel like I was alway meant to live in the South. I sold one of my businesses and my house and moved my family here as fast as I could. 

Her favorite Nashville restaurant is: Urban Grub!!!, Oh and 5 Daughters Bakery!! Donuts!!!!

One thing you will ALWAYS find in her bag because she can’t live without it: lipgloss

Favorite family outing in Nashville? So far, our trips to the Nashville Zoo, Harlinsdale Farm, and River Rats Canoeing on Duck River!!

Raising kids in Nashville is: a dream come true. The kindness of strangers, the fact that every place is family friendly, and it feels so safe. Plus the greenery!!! We just can’t get over how beautiful it is. 

Something about her that not everyone knows: I now raise chickens!!! Just call me the crazy chicken lady!!! I’m also a success coach, essential oil junkie, and a Southern lifestyle blogger. I live a very eclectic life! 


Her crew: Scott, my husband of almost 11 years! We have three full-of-life kids: Bailey (7), Ethan (5), and Brielle (3).

Originally from: East Liverpool, Ohio by way of Sugarcreek, Ohio

What brought her here: My husband’s work and our shared love for Nashville.

Her favorite Nashville restaurant is: Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint

One thing you will ALWAYS find in her bag because she can’t live without it: chapstick

Favorite family outing in Nashville? Family walks around the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.

Raising kids in Nashville is: an incredible adventure. Whether you love being in the great outdoors or in the city, everything is here. Southern hospitality is alive and well in Nashville with neighbors turning into family. Our family is thriving in Nashville!

Something about her that not everyone knows: In college, I bicycled from San Francisco, CA down to San Diego, CA and then over to Glendale, AZ. It was for a group dynamics psychology class, and it took us one month. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Her crew: Matthew, husband of 6 years; Eliza, 4; and Matheson, 1

Originally from: Huntington, WV

What brought her here: Eight years ago while living in Boston, my boss told me I had to decide between Charlotte, Atlanta, NYC, Philly, and Nashville. I went to the bathroom, came back, and said, “Nashville, I guess?” The rest is history.  

Her favorite Nashville restaurant is: Rosepepper

One thing you will ALWAYS find in her bag because she can’t live without it: Snacks! I pretend they’re for the kids…

Favorite family outing in Nashville? Exploring the trails at Radnor Lake

Raising kids in Nashville is: an adventure rich with music and art, and for someone with a little performer, a great place to encourage her to express herself.

Something about her that not everyone knows: I have a knack for cake decorating and a bit of an obsession with The Great British Baking Show. I’ve yet to master a good eggless cake, however (necessary for a little one with an egg allergy), so I’m taking all suggestions and recipes.

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