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Your Kids Will Have a Ball with Lil Sports Academy!

Your Kids Will Have a Ball NashvilleMomsBlog

Our youngest son has been enthralled for a while now with watching his big brother play soccer. As a result, he has developed an obsession with various sports balls and how they are used. So when we had the opportunity to try out the Kickstart soccer class with Lil Sports Academy over the summer, we knew it was going to be a hit.


Right from the start, I knew we had made the right decision. From the sweet welcome on his very first day, to the excitement over his “soccer shirt” (which he wanted to wear—including to bed—for three straight days…no, I didn’t let him, but that didn’t keep him from asking!), to the remarkable patience and kindness  exhibited by his beloved “Coach Jeremy,” this class was a winner from the beginning.


The two year old “Mascots” class is young enough that parent/caregiver involvement is required. There were days that Coach Jeremy had it handled himself, but if you know two year olds, you know there were times that teaching a skill was like trying to herd cats. BUT the classes maintain low student/instructor ratios (with a maximum 6 kids per coach!), so the chaos was relatively minimal. Other things to love about these classes are that they are mostly held indoors (unless otherwise noted) so the summer was not an unbearable experience for this pregnant mama, they offer no-obligation trial classes (based on availability), and make-ups are available for missed classes (based on availability).


Having played soccer as a child myself, I was impressed with the super-creative ways that the coaches employ to teach skills to kids this young. Balloons, cones, pool noodles, and more were all a part of the weekly curriculum, and in true Karate Kid style, I saw skills such as dribbling, passing, and kicking growing out of repeated practice of something that might be seemingly unrelated. The kids were having so much fun that they might not have even realized they were being taught! The coaches kept things moving and earned the admiration and adoration of each child.


If you’ve been looking for the right sports learning experience for your little one, look no further. Lil Sports Academy has learning programs for baseball, soccer, basketball, and football—as well as some multisport options. They are focused, affordable, creative, and family friendly! Classes are available for ages 2 through 6.

Sessions begin for this fall August 18th, so get your child registered today!

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Lil Sports Academy

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