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ChoreMonster App :: Chores For Kids Made Easy

Parents have been trying to motivate their kids to help around the house since the dawn of time. There are sticker charts and magnet boards galore created in order to prompt kids to do their fair share of chores and house work. Often, those methods lose their effectiveness and appeal faster than you can say “load the dishwasher.” That’s where ChoreMonster comes in!

Designed for ages 4-12, Chore Monster is an interactive chore app from the people at Family Tech. Parents decide which chores their children will be responsible for, and how many points each chore is worth in the parent app, Mothershp (no “i”). After reaching a specific point threshold (set by you), your vacuum wielding child earns a pre-determined prize (also decided by you). The child, in turn, logs onto the app to see which chores they need to do that day, and reports back when the chore has been completed. After mom or dad approves, the child checks off the chore and earns points!

Chore Monster chore app for kids housework responsibility

Two different apps are used — Chore Monster is the app for the children. Mothershp is the app from which the parents track chores. On the left is what the parents see; on the right, the children’s view.

Seeing as I have a 4 year-old who we are introducing to the world of chores, I was excited to give this app a try. I decided that her four daily responsibilities should be brushing her teeth, making her bed, helping with dinner, and sweeping the floor. I am happy to report that she has gladly been complying with all four! For the first time since we have been encouraging her to help around the house, she looks forward to completing her tasks. There is no fight, no tears, and best of all? No bargaining to get out of helping!

After explaining the premise, she has been able to identify and open the app. Within the app, each chore has a corresponding picture to help young children associate which activity is represented. (See above.) We ran into a snag when I realized the point system was just beyond her grasp. (Math is something that we have barely touched on.) In addition, she hasn’t mastered reading just yet, so if she made it to a screen within the program that she wasn’t familiar with, she encountered some trouble finding her way back to the page she needed. Although she didn’t end today a math and reading scholar, she DID successfully complete all of her chores—without complaint! Sometimes small victories make for the best days.

chores kids making bed cleaning jobs Nashville Moms Blog

Look at this beautiful sight! So many chores being completed without angst!

This app exists for families who are looking for a way to track house work and motivate their children in the process. It is especially ideal for kids who are a little older and have access to their own electronic devices. Have a large family with multiple children? Create a chore profile for each kid in your house. This options makes it easy to see:

  1. Who is responsible for which chores.
  2. Completion deadline for said chores.
  3. Monitor completion of tasks.

Once children know they can track their point progress toward rewards? They eagerly lend a helping hand in order to reach their goal.

Download Chore Monster now and start simplifying your life. Take the fight out of chores!

Chores complete chores for kids chore monster Nashville Moms Blog

This post sponsored by the ChoreMonster app. All opinions are 100% our own!

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    Hannah September 2, 2016 at 7:05 am #

    This app was great, unfortunately it is FULL of bugs right now, and until it get sorted out will be frustrating for users. Hopefully they will sort it out because my kids love it.

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