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Six Easy Ideas for Moms Night Out


After moving around with my military husband for 10+ years, we finally settled back down in middle Tennessee. I was craving community, so I joined a moms group. Since the birth of my youngest, it took me a while to want to get out in the evenings. A few months ago, I needed a night out so badly that I literally just signed up for one of the meetups in our mom group.

Rock Band

The plan was to play Rock Band. I love Rock Band. I can’t tell you the last time I had played it, but this sounded like a fun evening—so I went. There were roughly seven of us ladies in attendance, and we had a blast! We each brought a snack and a bottle of wine and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


I think that, as women, we all crave connection with other women and need that occasional GNO (Girls Night Out, if you’re unfamiliar). Rock Band was an easy night out that didn’t cost much at all. And did I mention that it was fun? Me and Alanis Morrisette go waaaaay back with Rock Band!

After this easy moms night out, I started to think about other easy activities for moms nights out that wouldn’t break the bank…


You can play this fun group dice game once or have a recurring monthly game night. You can purchase a Bunco set at most department stores for just a few dollars.

Chocolate Tasting/Brewery Tour

These are fun, relatively inexpensive outings. With more fantastic breweries and candy makers popping up all over town (find some of our recommendations here and here), these are easy to organize. You could try a different one each month!


Wine Tasting Party

I have not hosted one of these yet, but after reading about Torrey’s, I definitely plan to have one soon! What fun!

Painting Party

I have done this several times and it is always a lot of fun—plus you get to leave with a (hopefully!) nice painting. There are many throughout the Nashville area, so you can definitely find one near where you live or that is central to everyone in your group.


Cookie/Dessert Swap

I have only done this specifically with cookies, but I don’t see any reason you couldn’t do it with dessert, too. I think this would make a great moms night out to host during each season: Christmas cookies, Fall dessert, etc. Bring a favorite cookie or dessert and copies of the recipe to “swap” with other moms. I suggest wine too!

What is your favorite moms night out? Have any ideas for the rest of us?


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  1. Rachel Layton September 30, 2015 at 1:26 pm #

    Hey Laurie!

    I’m the marketing director for Homestead Manor, a new property in Thompson’s Station that has recently noticed our clientele is largely stay-at-home moms looking for something fun to do.

    I stumbled across your blog and realized you have some expertise in one of the topics we’re looking to cover in our newest series of Ladies Who Lunch (a fun luncheon targeted at women who are parents/stay at home moms who want to learn something fun or exciting), so I wanted to connect with you about the possibility of you coming to speak.

    We’re looking for someone to speak to “Plan the Best Mom’s Night Out” — would you be interested? We’re pretty open if you have a topic you feel passionate about that’s relevant, just let me know. Looking forward to connecting with you. Feel free to email me!

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