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Eat Local, Buy Local – Nashville Farmers Markets: Nolensville {series}



This week we’ll be highlighting a few of our local farmers markets. We at Nashville Moms Blog count ourselves blessed to live in a city that has such a wealth of local markets, and we encourage you to do some exploring of your own—check out your local farmers market. You won’t regret it!



I could not be happier about the whole ‘buy local movement’. I love it. I love small businesses and local produce, and I really love combining the two. This is why I was so excited when I heard that the town of Nolensville was starting their very own Farmers Market. We live just 4 short miles from there! It’s open every Saturday from 8:30a-12:30p through October.

Once upon a time, I would have had to set an alarm for that kind of timeline, but since my daughter wakes me up by 6:30 every day, I am able to go right at opening. This is good for two reasons: (1) Fewer people are there that early. (2) In the middle of Summer when I was nine months pregnant, I was able to go before the thermometer hit 90 degrees. No matter your time of arrival though, this is a great way to spend a Saturday morning with the family.

Some of the vendors that caught my eye and made it into my shopping bag included Nashville Jam Co., City Pasta, Beach Bums Juice Bar and SugarPie. Beach Bum Juices in particular has an interesting concept—you can order your juice on their (very easy to use) website throughout the week and then pick it up at the Downtown Farmers Market, Nolensville Farmers Market, or the East Nashville Farmers Market later that week. However, please note that their juices are not pasteurized; so if you’re pregnant, you’ll have to wait before you can partake. 



City Pasta was also especially appealing to me because, um—CARBS. They make several different flavors that all sounded amazing to me.  I bought the mushroom pasta at their recommendation, and they did not steer me wrong. SugarPie sold the cutest little pies. I bought the apple pie and the pecan pie to “share” with my husband (Yes. That share is in quotes for a reason!), and they were both delicious. It should be noted that The Bekahry, which sells all kinds of home baked goods, had a line the whole time I was there. I have it on good authority  from a Texas native that they sell delicious kolaches which is, apparently, something that Texas does better than anyone. (But, really, I’ve noticed Texans think that about a lot of things…)

If you live in the area and want to support some local business while discovering some fantastic comestibles, I recommend this market as a way to spend a Saturday morning.

Nolensville Farmers Market 7248 Nolensville Road Nolensville, TN
Check the website for a list of vendors!


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