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Fall TV Lineup — Four Shows for Mamas

My two-year-old has been going through sleep regression for about two years now. So, if you’re anything like me, your nights are largely spent ensnarled in FBI-level negotiations about anything from juice temperature (“old juice,” poured within the hour, is unacceptable) to the blankets level of Downy freshness (sleeping on anything less than a blanket fresh out of the dryer is just ludicrous).

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If you do eventually succeed in accomplishing the super-human feat of getting a two year old to sleep in their own bed, by themselves, with no additional blanket or juice stipulations, you’re probably exhausted. You’re likely looking forward to at least an hour of adult time to decompress, drink a beer (or three), and fall asleep half way through FBI-level negotiations.
P.S. The French have all the answers.

In that case, why not add a little quality DVR time with your fall TV lineup to that list?

We know you’re looking to unwind after a two-hour battle with a pint-sized Henry Kissinger. Or perhaps you’re just interested in a few minutes of quality television that doesn’t involve pet doctors or talking trains. Might I suggest you check out these four new shows in the upcoming fall TV lineup. I rate them as good enough for any mama:

This is Us, NBC, Sept. 20 at 10/9 C

For those of you who spent your ninth month of pregnancy sobbing into a bowl of pickle-flavored chips hoping with all your might that your soon-to-be family of three would turn out just like the Braverman clan on the TV show Parenthood? This one is for you. This is Us has been called the “new Parenthood,” though creator Dan Fogelman’s says he didn’t watch the show much and took many of the storylines for This is Us from his own life. Either way, this show starts out with a pregnant Mandy Moore and half-naked Milo Ventimiglia in the throws of passion and unexpectedly about to go into labor with triplets. What more could you ask?

Speechless, ABC, Sept. 21 at 8:30/7:30 C

Speechless is a family comedy that tackles, with humor mostly, the sensitive subject of raising a child with disabilities. In this half-hour comedy, Minnie Driver is a mom on a mission who will do anything for her husband and kids, including JJ, her eldest son with cerebral palsy. In the first scene, JJ gives some older kids the middle finger, so I’d day that a great first start. You can watch the entire pilot episode online before it premiers Sept. 21.

Luke Cage, Netfilx, Sept. 30

Don’t tell me you don’t know about Netflix’s new superhero drama Luke Cage. Because that would mean you didn’t watch Netflix’s Jessica Jones. And that would be mean you missed some of the greatest television lady-hero action of all time. Some reviews are calling Luke Cage the new replacement for Law & Order: SVU. Regardless, the Marvel and Netflix collaboration is sure to be action packed.

Atlanta, FX, 9 C

A show not about a single character, but about an entire city, Atlanta comes from writer, director, and actor Donald Glover from Community fame. In contrast to other city-based shows (ahem, Dallas or Nashville), Atlanta aims to show the true diversity of the city.

What shows make your list from this year’s fall TV lineup?

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