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Moving Day — Your Most Important Box {Printable Packing List!}

Moving to a new home can be so exciting! You’re getting ready to take a new job, add a new member to the family, or even just get some more space. However, there’s a lot that goes into a move too—closing on your new house, booking a moving company, finding time to pack up everything you own . . . The last thing you need is a chaotic Moving Day with unexpected problems popping up! We at Two Men and a Truck have been Greater Nashville’s local moving experts for twenty years, and we’re about to share all of our “move prep” secrets with you.

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What to Do Before Moving Day

Every mom (and dad!) has a different moving budget and timeline, so make sure you make choices for your family that will reduce your stress as much as possible. For example, if you have the budget to have your movers pack your belongings, go ahead and schedule a packing job the day before your actual move! TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s movers go through hands-on training before ever packing a customer’s box in the field, so you’ll know your items are in good hands. However, it may stress you out to not know exactly which items are in which spot of every box, so packing your own things may be the best option. If you choose this route, make it easy on your movers by:

  • Using different colored markers to label each room destination so movers can quickly tell where the boxes go.
  • Using brand-new boxes instead of used ones that could be weakened by moisture or previous creases.
  • Disassembling any furniture items that need it before the movers arrive to keep the hourly bill down.
  • Making sure cleaning chemicals and prescription medications are stored in your personal vehicle; movers can’t pack these into their trucks.
  • Packing heavier items into smaller boxes so the boxes won’t break.
  • Packing televisions into their original boxes to prevent damage.

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Another way to reduce stress is by preparing a Day of Move box to keep separate from everything else you’re moving. This box should store everything you’ll inevitably forget to keep handy on Moving Day. Nashville Moms Blog has a free downloadable checklist of items to keep in your Day of Move box, but some essentials are:

  • Prescription medications for all members of the family
  • Snacks full of protein, and bottled water or Gatorade
  • Sanitizing wipes and paper towels
  • Clothes, toiletries, and health/beauty products for the next few days
  • Food and medicine that pets may need over the next few days
  • Contact information for your moving company, your primary care doctor, and closest urgent care center—just in case of an emergency

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What to Know About Moving Companies

The highest priority for Moving Day is safety. Nothing is more stressful than someone getting hurt, and damaged or lost items are a close second. The best way to ensure a safe move is by hiring a reputable moving company. How do you know your moving company is legit? These are the top 5 questions to ask before you book your move:

  • Do you have insurance that covers damages?
  • Do you use temporary workers or contractors, or are your employees full-time?
  • Are your movers drug-tested and background-checked?
  • Are your movers trained before going into the field?
  • Does your estimated price include ALL COSTS—including fuel, taxes, insurance, pest control, padding and wrapping furniture, and disassembly and reassembly of furniture?

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Other Ways to Keep the Stress Down

Even though Moving Day may sound hectic to you, your kids may find it boring and want a lot of attention that day. Try to schedule a visit with the grandparents or have your spouse or a friend take them to a nearby park. This way, you know the kiddos are safe and won’t get underfoot with your movers.

Another tip is to strategically schedule your move so that you save money. Moving companies generally offer lower weekday rates because nearly everyone wants to schedule a weekend move. Consider moving on a Monday-Thursday. Also, movers typically pass along fuel savings to their customers, so try booking a moving company that has an office near your home. To find your closest TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, visit

Finally, if you’re worried about a particular antique staying safe or if you have a twisty driveway the moving truck may have trouble navigating or if you have any other moving concerns, tell your Sales Representative about these potential issues when you book your move. This way, they can give your moving crew a heads-up before they’re even dispatched from the office.

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