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Need a Sitter? Who Doesn’t? This App Makes It Easy . . .

Nashville Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with the great folks from Sitter App on this sponsored post. All opinions are 100% our own!

It seems like parenting-related online message boards echo with the question: “Does anyone know a good sitter?” Finding an amazing sitter is like finding gold. If you’re a parent who doesn’t have the option of nearby family willing to be childcare for a night out, you know exactly that I mean.

And just like so much else in this Internet Age, there’s an app for that. Kristen Stiles, the CEO of Sitter, is a working mom who created an app to simplify the lives of busy parents. Whether it was missing a meeting or yet another rain check on date night, she was tired of how long it took to get a babysitter. By looking at the biggest problems parents faced when solidifying a sitter, Kristen created a solution.

Find a Trusted Sitter

What if you and your friends could share a list of trusted sitters? NOW YOU CAN. Not only can you browse the local list of registered sitters on the app (and find information like expected sitter fees, safety training, location and more for each sitter), but you can also add your friends and share sitters between yourselves. Read, not only the sitter profiles, but your friend’s review of a sitter and get their input. You can create a bonafide trusted sitter team!

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Eliminate the Text and Wait Game

You text. You wait. Sometimes hours. Sometimes days. (And you can’t even blame the sitter — we all know how responding to a text can slip your mind…) Before you know it, you’ve been looking for a sitter for A WEEK. Who has time for that? Not this mama. With the Sitter app, you can mark which sitters from your list you’d like to request and send ONE REQUEST out for the date and time you need. ONE REQUEST, y’all. You include the number of kids they’ll be watching and any special notes they might need to know. The babysitters from your selected list all receive the request, and the first to claim the job gets it. Breathe that sigh of relief, mama.

Make Payments Easy

So you can find your sitter and book your sitter all in one place. Let’s go for the trifecta here — now you can PAY your sitter in that very same app. That’s right. This app really does do it all. No more searching for a check or last minute stops at the ATM. You’ve got it covered.

What’re you waiting for? Download the Sitter app and getting to planning your next night out!

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