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What Mom ::Really:: Wants for Christmas


Last year, Mandy came up with some truly great ideas for holiday gifts for the family that focused on experiences rather than stuff. There were things like memberships to local attractions, tickets to concerts and plays, gift cards for dinner at a kid-friendly restaurant—all great options for Christmas (or Hannukah!) gifts for the whole family.

But enough about them—let’s talk about me. I mean, as in, let’s talk about moms.

Moms work very hard, and most of us have been extra good this year—don’t we deserve a little something just for us? So how about a list of non-stuff gifts for Mom?

Here’s what I would look for, if I were out Christmas shopping for me. *HINT, HINT*

Music Streaming Subscription

Remember when I told you that I sometimes listen to the radio in my car? Well, I heard that music streaming is all the rage with the young people these days. Spotify, PandoraApple Radio, etc. Terribly convenient, but enough with the super-loud ads! It sure would be nice to have a commercial-free version, but I’m a Mom, and that generally means that I don’t spend money on little luxuries for myself very often.


Car Detailing

My car is the family car. The interior is forever encrusted with a light layer of sand and smashed Cheerios, and it smells like wet dog. Hire a professional to give it a thorough purge and scrub for me. Having at least one space in my life that’s clean, organized, and crumb-free will make me feel strong and powerful—particularly since I didn’t have to do the work to make it so. Bonus points if it’s a mobile detailing service that can do their thing anywhere I happen to be!


Pamper Me

This one should be obvious. Massages, pedicures, aromatherapy, facials . . . from any place that plays New Age music while a nice-smelling lady offers me a glass of wine, wraps me in a hot towel, and encourages me to close my eyes and relax. Ahhhhhh. Bonus points if childcare is also arranged for while I’m at the spa because I’ll take ages to get around to setting up an appointment for myself otherwise.


Date Night/Girls Night

I want to go out into the world. I really do. But I’m so much busier than I used to be, and by the time I realize that it’s Saturday night, it’s too late, and I have no idea what’s going on anyway. Plan something for me. Pick something you know I’ll like and work out the details with my partner so I don’t have to do anything but show up.


Put Me in the Picture

Hi! I’m Mom. I can be seen in the first photo in the baby book wearing a hospital gown and no makeup. And that’s the only picture I’m in because I’m the one who took the other 4,999 pictures in the album. I’m always the one behind the camera, so next time we’re hanging out, take a picture of me with my kid. Make sure I don’t have a weird look on my face, then get a print and wrap it up—I’ll love it! Yes, sure, a framed family photo is stuff, but it’s the kind of stuff you’re supposed to have. I need more of that kind of stuff.

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