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What’s in My Mom Car?

You know that article you’ve seen run hundreds of times? The “What’s in My Bag?” post? Maybe you’ve even seen it as an ice breaker at some gathering or other. Well, today I bring you a new version—a real life parent version. Let’s tour the mom car. I’m not going to even pretend my car is clean, like, ever. With only one child, you might think I could keep it together in what? Ten square feet? Nope. Not possible. She loves to pack all the things and I do mean ALL the things. However, photos don’t lie. And there are plenty of my things strewn across the car.

What kind of excuses can I give? I mean, I do work full time, chauffeur my daughter home from school each day, try to cook healthy dinners for us, spend time with friends, and do the grocery shopping . . .

But without further ado, let’s take a look. Put your judgement aside right this minute. Because I’m letting you into the depths of the Subaru . . .

My “All Weather” Chair Back

What you see above is a boot, just one. The other one is inside the house, tidily resting in its home. This one, however, lives in the mom car because one night my daughter fell asleep with only one boot on, and we carried her inside that way. She clearly hasn’t missed this pair of shoes in a while. We can thank the abnormally warm winter! Chutes and Ladders you ask? Entertainment on the go? More like a game left in the car after one of her many heftily packed bags she carries with her anytime she might be in a space where extra entertainment is needed. 

things in my mom car leftover breakfast Nashville Moms Blog

Granola in a Jar

I’d like to move to the next notable item, leftover breakfast! At least this dried up—but also mushy—cereal is in a cute mason jar. Points for creativity are appreciated. Why would we have breakfast left in the car? Well, when your kid fights you at every step of the way each morning? Including but not limited to: socks, shoes, teeth brushing, getting hair combed, clothes on, nose wiped, vitamin taken, and coat on? Some days we have breakfast at home. Lately, however, car cuisine has been on the menu. 

things in my mom car coffee cup real life


Leftover green smoothie is a great look in any car cup holder, if you ask me. Also, my trusty Yeast mug travels with me regularly. Because, of course, I get dollar refills for Drew’s Brews coffee. If you can tell me someone who wouldn’t want regular access to delicious coffee, then you just don’t understand my mom car style. 

We’ll round out this car tour with my “let’s be prepared” supplies. A sand sifter? Of course I have one of those. Umbrellas do everyone a lot of good when they’re in the very back of the car, right? I’ve held to this policy firmly for as long as I’ve owned a car. And I’ve had many wet hair days to show for it. We’d be crazy not to acknowledge my blanket and folding bleacher chair. One never knows when they’ll be needing to provide their own place to sit. And finally, what mom car would be complete without a Cold Bag full of other reusable bags? Do I remember to use them when I shop? Well, my friends — that’s for me to know and Trader Joe’s to find out. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this real life, non-glamorous tour of the inside of my mom car. I have a feeling some of you have cars like mine. So please, share your own tales and prove to me I’m not alone!

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