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Hey, Mamas — Can We Be Nice?

It’s hard to be a mom. Can we all agree on that? Whether you’re a #StayAtHomeMom or a #WorkingMom, a #BoyMom or a #GirlMom, a #MomOfOne or #RunningACircus — #TheStruggleIsReal! As I write this, I’ve got one child eating non-organic, store-brand cornflakes with his fingers, and a toddler climbing up the back of a chair.

Toddler suicide attempt. Thwarted.

But milk and cornflakes now cover the table, chair, and floor that I vacuumed and mopped yesterday.

The struggle IS real. And so is the pressure. The pressure to be a great mom, a great partner, a great homemaker, a great employee. The pressure to look great, feel great, BE great. Where do these pressures come from? I have no idea. I’ve always felt them.

Turn on the TV? Everyone looks perfect. Their home renovations are amazing, and their food (looks like it) tastes delicious. Flip through a magazine? Perfect. Scroll through social media? More perfect.

This all makes it hard on those of us who are struggling in real life. Our goal here at Nashville Moms Blog is to share our stories—to share those personal, imperfect details and feelings that might resonate with you. To make you feel less alone. Because, let’s be honest, despite how “connected” we all are — being a mother can be very lonely.

I struggle. Sometimes I use this platform as a way to work through my struggles… my post baby body . . . my perceived mom failure . . . my shopping addiction . . . aging. Writing about my issues helps me re-frame my thoughts in a more positive manner and move toward acceptance. Sharing my experiences allows me to connect with people who are similarly struggling—and perhaps it helps them feel better too. That is why I write.

An article recently shared on this site ruffled a lot of feathers. A lot is an understatement. The post went viral. This article was written by a woman who has bravely shared her struggle with an eating disorder and the story of her miscarriage. She bravely shared about fighting for her marriage. This woman, with an incredible sense of humor, described the damage twin babies can wreak on a pelvic floor. This mother wrote about celebrating our bodies for what they do.

And that helped me. Because despite training for—and running—a half marathon, despite making healthy food choices, my stomach is not flat. When I look in the mirror and see the destruction two children have brought to my body, I struggle. But then I remind myself that I got to have babies.

When I look around my home, it is not magazine perfect. Half of my dinners are scooped out of a crock pot. I have #WorkingMomGuilt. But I’m doing the best I can. And I know you are too. So, mamas, let’s go easy on each other. We’re more than just a bunch of hashtags. We’re perfectly imperfect humans.

Oh, and I just bribed my child to pick up his toys. #MotherOfTheYear.

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  1. Paige Cummings September 15, 2017 at 2:01 pm #

    Preach it girl!!!!

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